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FRCF scholarships are a potent tool for helping children of first responders reach new heights and realize their fullest potential. Thanks to the unwavering support of our generous donors and partners over more than two decades, our scholarships have helped these children overcome obstacles unique to first responder families, making a profound difference in their lives.

“The FRCF Scholarship not only supported my dream of becoming a nurse but also allowed me to honor my father’s sacrifice. It’s a testament to the incredible opportunities that open up when someone believes in you.”


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Common challenges

FRCF scholarships provide invaluable opportunities that may have otherwise seemed out of reach. Whether it’s pursuing higher education at a college, trade school or graduate program, our scholarships alleviate the financial burden and empower first responder children to fearlessly follow their passions.

Our scholarships are more than just financial aid; they’re catalysts for transformation. We’ve seen firsthand that moment of realization when a student accepts one of our scholarships; it ignites their confidence and self-belief as these children move into adulthood. For children who have lost a first responder parent, an FRCF scholarship represents even more: it’s their chance to make that parent proud and to honor their legacy. The enduring significance of that moment shines through in testimonials from our scholarship recipients.

Jadyn Cunningham

Tyler Newsome

Iroquois Dickerson

Lindsay Murillo

Michael Dichter

Matthew Rivera

Kacey Pupo

Envisioning possibilities, creating opportunities

We understand that success reaches far beyond the classroom walls. That’s why last year we made a significant enhancement to our Scholarship program: Scholars Council. Each FRCF Scholar becomes a member of the Council the moment they receive their scholarship. As part of the Council, Scholars gain access to a network of influential professionals and industry leaders who share their personal and professional stories through a series of virtual presentations.

In addition, we provide Scholars with access to a range of valuable resources, empowering them to explore career paths, develop life skills and gain invaluable insights into their chosen fields.

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Vince Bennett, Jr. Scholarship

Matthew Favela

Junior from Hawaii, studying Data Science/Software Engineering at Chapman University

“My dad, Steve Favela, was a Solo Bike Officer for the Honolulu Police Department. I was three years old when my dad passed away, so my memories of him are foggy. But through home videos, pictures and stories shared with me by my mom, older siblings, grandparents, and the men and women in blue that worked with my dad, a crystal clear picture emerges of a humble and hard working man who loved his family and community. One of my favorite stories told to me by one of my dad’s police friends is of an incident in which she was in a car accident while on duty and her leg was pinned underneath her police vehicle.

My dad was first on the scene and he lifted the car by himself so that his fellow police officer could slide out from under the car. She refers to my dad as her superhero and that pretty much sums up who he was. My dad’s love for his family and his country and his love to serve has been the biggest inspiration to me, and so I have spent a lot of my time throughout high school and in college volunteering my time within my community and giving back as much as I can.”

Matthew Murphy

FRCF Scholarship Student, Northeastern University Class of 2024

My father was a police officer who responded on 9/11. The air at Ground Zero was not safe to breathe. He now suffers from 9/11-related illnesses. He has a horrible cough that I have heard throughout my entire childhood, and it only gets worse.
Sometimes his coughing attacks are so bad that they leave him lying on the ground. I’ve grown up watching this happen, without being able to help him, and it’s terrifying.

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