Bereavement Assistance

We provide a financial lifeline during their greatest time of sorrow.

Our program provides stopgap emergency funds when tragedy strikes so families can pay their bills and begin to heal.

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First responders carry the burden that at any point they may make the ultimate sacrifice by giving their life to save another.

When a first responder dies in the line of duty, it goes without saying that their children suffer immeasurable grief. The financial and emotional burden of laying their hero to rest weighs heavily on the surviving parent. Many don’t realize that a first responder’s benefits, in many instances, expire at midnight on the same day of their death. It often takes weeks—even months—for any assistance from first responder agencies to reach families.


FRCF’s bereavement program helps fill this gap, providing a lifeline so first responder families can stay afloat financially while they wait for additional financial assistance. Program funds can be used as a temporary stopgap to pay for general expenses such as mortgage payments, utilities, and groceries, as well as bereavement-related costs including funeral services. Easing this financial burden allows first responder families to focus on healing.



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