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In 2023 and beyond, First Responders Children’s Foundation is on a mission to ignite change in the lives of children of first responders. Our vision is bold, our goals are clear and our impact is unstoppable.

1. Future forward: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. At First Responders Children’s Foundation we envision a future where diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are at the core of everything we do. To achieve this, we are committed to:

A more diverse board:

We strive to cultivate a board that represents the rich diversity of the first responder community. By embracing different perspectives and experiences, we can make informed decisions that reflect the needs and aspirations of first responder children and families.

Community reach:

We are determined to extend our programs and events to reach a wider range of first responder children and communities that first responders serve. By actively engaging with diverse populations, we can ensure that our support and resources are accessible when they need it the most.

Spanish language inclusion:

We recognize the importance of language accessibility and inclusivity. That’s why we are committed to incorporating Spanish into our marketing materials targeted at both first responder families and the communities that they serve.

DEI-certified C-Suite staff:

We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion should be integrated into every level of our organization. That’s why we are committed to having a representative within our senior leadership certified in DEI to help us ensure that these principles are embedded in our strategic decision-making and day-to-day operations.

2. Reach every first responder family. Our goal is to ensure every first responder family in every small town and city across the country knows about our life-changing programs, and every first responder child has an opportunity to benefit from them. From coast to coast, we will extend our reach and increase accessibility to  increaseour impact.

3. Bolster mental health resiliency. As mental health and emotional well-being have vaulted into the spotlight over the past few years, so must our mental health Resiliency program continue to rise to meet the challenge. But our ultimate goal with this program is to actually anticipate and even help identify emerging emotional and mental health needs among first responder children because they have a unique set of challenges to address because of their parents dangerous careers. We want to be known as a leader in this space, equipping children of all ages and developmental stages with the tools and support they need to overcome adversity.
Resiliency is a learned skill that will help first responder children throughout their lives and will, over time, strengthen the entire first responder community nationwide.

4. Fuel sustainable growth. We’re not just in it for the short term. We are building a solid foundation for sustainable growth. By expanding our donor base and cultivating existing relationships, we will secure the resources needed to make a lasting impact. Together with our dedicated partners, we will create a future where support for first responder children is unwavering.

5. Forge unbreakable partnerships. Collaboration and a strategic approach are key to our success. We will strengthen our existing partnerships and forge new alliances with organizations, businesses and individuals who share our unwavering commitment to these extraordinary children. Through the power of partnership, we will amplify our reach and multiply our impact and help first responder children reach their full potential.

6. Unleash the power of awareness. Through targeted campaigns, media partnerships and community engagement, we will ensure that the stories and struggles of first responder children are heard. Together, we will shatter misconceptions, ignite compassion and rally support for these deserving youth.

7. Build a First Responder Community. We believe in building a strong and supportive community within the first responder network. That’s why we plan on launching a First Responder Community, where members can come together to make a collective impact on the lives of fellow first responder families facing hardship and loss. The community allows us to build a network of camaraderie and resilience, fostering a community that understands the unique challenges faced by first responders and their families.

We invite you to join us in blazing a trail of hope, resilience and transformation. Together, we will unleash the potential within these incredible children and create a future where they not only survive but thrive.