We help them reach their highest potential.

Our Scholarship Program helps children of first responders achieve their goals through scholarships and a powerful community network.

Each recipient is a member of our Scholars Council, a group of peers and working professionals connected to a broader community of supportive mentors and partner organizations!

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First responders know all too well that the sacrifices required by their dangerous jobs are not theirs alone—that their entire family makes sacrifices. First responder families accept these sacrifices because of their shared sense of duty to help others. But the absence of a parent, made permanent when they make the ultimate sacrifice, often means kids miss out on emotional support and sage advice about education from that parent. This, coupled with the cost of higher education that’s out of reach for many first responder families, can put these children at a disadvantage to realizing their full potential.

Second, our Scholars Council is a group of peers and working professionals connected to a broader community of supportive mentors and partner organizations. Recognizing that success requires more than schooling, the Scholars Council provides scholarship recipients with access to internships and jobs, career advice and mentorship, skills development and leadership opportunities.

Scholarships are awarded for a single academic year. Awards are based on financial need, academic merit, and achievements such as demonstrated leadership, excellence in the arts or sports, and/or volunteer activities benefiting the community.

The number of scholarships awarded varies from year to year. Scholarships may be renewed annually for up to four years depending on the availability of funds, the applicant’s financial need, and the recipient’s academic record.

When selecting award recipients, the Scholarship Committee evaluates many different aspects of a student’s application. Priority is generally given to students whose parent has suffered a line of duty disability or line of duty death and demonstrate the greatest financial need, though all eligible children of first responders are encouraged to apply. Scholarships are remitted directly to the student’s school, and as such, can only be applied to the tuition and room and board bills. In the event that there is no balance towards which to apply the scholarship, the funds will be returned to the Foundation.



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