Community Engagement

We help forge lasting relationships that build trust and inspire futures.

The goal of these powerful programs is to help foster healthy relationships between first responders and children in the communities they serve, while also inspiring a new generation who may have an interest in a first responder career.

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First Responder Community Engagement Grant

Please review the following criteria to determine if your organization is eligible for our First Responder Community Engagement Grant and best practices for applying.

What is the Agency Grant Application Process?

Who is eligible to apply?

What does the grant fund?

What criteria should proposals emphasize?


Toy Express

FRCF helps first responders strengthen community bonds during the holiday season with our nationwide Toy Express program, which delivers toys to children across the United States. Distributed by firefighters, police officers, EMTs, paramedics and hospitals, toys from FRCF bring holiday cheer to first responder children as well as children in first responder communities.


Power of Play

The goal of “The Power Of Play” is to provide children with creative outlets that enhance their social and emotional growth while also strengthening their physical and mental well-being. The benefits of play include gaining confidence, managing stress and anxiety, resisting negative social pressure, resolving conflicts, making appropriate decisions and developing relationship skills.


Applications are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis.
Applicants must reside in the United States. First Responders Children’s Foundation officers, committee members, employees, and members of their immediate families are not eligible. For questions, call (646) 822-4236 or email

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There is no greater way of demonstrating respect and appreciation for your community than by supporting first responders and their families.


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