First Responders Children’s Foundation Resiliency Program

Mental And Behavioral Health Support For Children Of First Responders

For over 20 years, our foundation has focused on the unique needs of the children of first responders. More than ever, these children carry a heavy burden knowing the daily dangers their parents face. In times of crisis, these burdens weigh even heavier and can impact a child significantly—particularly for those that lose a parent. Our children are our future.


The First Responders Children’s Foundation Resiliency Program provides expert mental and behavioral health counseling—at no cost to first responder families.  For first responders  the program is free, confidential and developed to help your children manage, process and deal with a range of emotional challenges specific to their unique needs. 

Who We Serve

Our Mental Health Resiliency Program protects and strengthens the mental resiliency of the children of  police, fire, sheriff, emergency medical personnel and 911 dispatchers. 

The Vision Is Simple

Free, confidential, professional, trauma-informed counseling services for  the children of first responders. All therapy services for children and family members are:

  • Confidential and anonymous
  • At no cost to first responder families
  • Provided by licensed mental health professionals
  • Accessible both virtually and in-person

We Can Help 

First Responders Children’s Foundation can help if your child is experiencing any of the following: Fear, anxiety,  isolation, depression, nightmares, undeserved shame, victim of Bullying, public humiliation or self-harm ideation.

Available in Six States

The program is available to first responder families in California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee and Texas. The program has been developed to scale into more states.

First Responders Children’s Foundation does not provide a suicide hotline. If anyone in your family is experiencing suicidal thoughts or an emergency please call your local emergency number 9-1-1. Or reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 or

Frequently Asked Questions


The success of our programs is made possible by the generous support of many donors like you.

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