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Annual Report 2022

Our mission

We help the children of first responders and their families heal, grow and thrive in the wake of hardship, injury and tragedy.

Our legacy

More than two decades ago, Al Kahn, an icon in children’s entertainment licensing, started First Responders Children’s Foundation (FRCF) to support the 800 children who lost a parent during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City. Al recognized the urgent need for assistance and organized a family event in Manhattan on Thanksgiving morning to honor and uplift the surviving children and their families—an annual tradition that continues to this day. FRCF has since evolved into a thriving national organization that provides year-round services and programs to first responder children and families.

“Nothing is more important than our children. We have a duty to protect the children of first responders because of the risks their parents take every day for all of us.”

Founder and Chairman
First Responders Children’s Foundation