The Weight Of The Badge

Launching September, 2023

“The Weight of The Badge” is a national community of first responders dedicated to coming together with a shared purpose: helping first responder families lift the weight of the badge when it becomes too burdensome to bear alone.

In 2021, FRCF had the extraordinary privilege of collaborating with the legendary George Strait on the music video for his iconic song, “The Weight of The Badge.” This project allowed us to highlight their stories, their sacrifices, and the remarkable strength it takes to proudly wear that badge. 

By making a donation today, you will become part of a community that understands all too well that behind every first responder badge lies a burden that extends far beyond the physical, affecting both you and your loved ones. As Mr. Strait so aptly puts it, ‘It’s really not that heavy until you put it on…’

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Each year, approximately 330 first responders die in the line of duty, leaving behind their children and families.

It is our mission to support those first responder family members left behind, to help them feel the strength of our community, and to honor their loved ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice

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