FRCF Rings the Opening Bell at Nasdaq

On Thursday, May 4th, FRCF had the honor of ringing the opening bell at Nasdaq to bring awareness to Mental Health Awareness Month and International Firefighters Day. In the heart of Times Square, FRCF President & CEO Jillian Crane gave remarks flanked by FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanaugh, members of the FRCF board, and members the FDNY, NYPD, and Port Authority Police Department:

“We know there’s a mental health crisis in this country, and the children of first responders are at a heightened risk. We have seen first-hand how being a parent in the line of duty can manifest mental health concerns in their children in the form of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. First Responders Children’s Foundation is committed to being there for the children of first responders nationwide, not only through our Resiliency program, but also through Scholarships, Financial Hardship Grants and Bereavement Assistance. We also have community engagement programs, which build positive and long-lasting relationships between first responder agencies and the communities they serve. First responders face more uncertainty than ever, and they risk their lives for their communities every day.”

Check out photos from the big day here.

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