Junior First Responder Camps

We are thrilled to share the positive impact that FRCF’s Junior First Responder camps have on the community. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of first responders while fostering healthy relationships between first responders and the communities they serve for the safety and vitality of our towns and cities. FRCF’s Lancaster Junior First Responder Camp is just one example of how we are creating these meaningful connections.

Through our Junior First Responder camps, children participate in creative programs that establish positive bonds through art, sports, and education. They gain first-hand experience in team building and STEM exercises at their local firehouses or police precincts, learning what it takes to be a firefighter, EMT, or police officer.

You can help us continue to provide these valuable experiences by donating to FRCF today.

If you are a first responder agency interested in hosting a Junior First Responder Camp, we would love to hear from you! You can fill out the application on our website or contact us at info@1stRCF.org.

Check out our recent video highlighting the FRCF Junior First Responder Camps!

By supporting FRCF’s Junior First Responder Camps today, you can help inspire America’s next generation of first responder heroes.

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