Meet Jillian Crane | President & CEO of FRCF

Jillian Crane joined the First Responders Children’s Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2013. She became Board President in 2019 and was instrumental in leading the Foundation in a more mission-focused direction. In 2022, Jillian was appointed President and CEO, after securing a major gift from McKenzie Scott that she strategically crafted around the Foundation’s commitment to law enforcement, women first responders, and diversity. This important contribution helped Jillian to create a team of diverse fundraising, marketing, leadership, and program professionals capable of expanding our national footprint. She has also played an essential role in building a dedicated Board of Directors comprised of national corporate partners, celebrities, foundations, and high-net worth individuals, who bring awareness and financial support to the Foundations scholarship, mental health, financial/bereavement assistance, disaster relief, and community engagement programs that directly benefit the children of first responders and their families.

In an effort to increase access to FRCF programs, Jillian has forged relationships with first responder agencies in all 50 states to ensure that our focus remains on honoring first responders by meeting the growing needs of their children and family members. This important network of first responder agencies allows the Foundation to stay acutely aware of the daily challenges our first responders face while providing them much needed resources and opportunities to build positive relationships in the communities they live and serve.

Today, thanks to Jillian’s leadership, FRCF is able to provide transformational programs and services to over 150,000 children of first responders each year.

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