Grab a badge, turn on your siren, and hit the gas pedal! Like Elliot Ness hunting Al Capone, nothing stirs your blood like the relentless pursuit of an arch-rival whose time is up! Whether you dream of establishing motives and following clues like Sherlock Holmes or dodging bullets like Bruce Willis in Die Hard, you’re ready and willing to fight the good fight, uphold the law, and serve and protect others to ensure justice gets done. Sure, you can be a bit jaded, with zero tolerance for incompetence–you expect everyone on your team to be as dedicated as you are. Your friends cherish you for your fabulous sense of humor, but you’re all business when things get stressful. When someone needs backup, you always come to the rescue. Bottom line, people can count on you to do what’s right.

You can support Police Officers risking their lives for you today by making a donation to First Responders Children’s Foundation. Text BRAVE to 24365 or donate here.


Image: Police Badge by Collin

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