Jessica Goldsmith, Creative Director

With over 10 years of experience as a creative within the social impact space, Jessica Goldsmith has successfully helped developed and grown small and women-owned businesses in New York City through design, branding, and social media strategies. Her belief in small business and the power of community brings a cause for the drive in her work. Most recently, Jessica has been participating in the expression of and fight for gender equality in the 21st century through her artistic work, alongside and collaborating with other artists, creatives, and (women-owned) businesses in both the gender equality and LGBTQ space.

Currently, the in house designer and Creative Director at the First Responders Children’s Foundation, Jessica has been responsible for designing the organization’s rebranding, building, designing, and developing the foundation’s new website, graphic design for social media and other outreach, and implementing social and SEO strategy initiatives.

Jessica is self-taught in her talents and continues to further her education and on a consistent basis through a series of courses, classes, and learning through trial and error in personal work and projects.