A Presidential Inaugural Tribute to First Responders

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Welcome to First Responders Children’s Foundation “Presidential Inaugural Tribute to First Responders.”
On this day of the Presidential Inauguration, First Responders Children’s Foundation is honoring our country’s first responders who protect us today and every day.  First responders include nurses, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, police officers, 911 dispatchers, and many others who show up when we dial 9-1-1 and who protect our Capitol, our cities, and our people.
First responders show up when we call 9-1-1.  Let’s salute them during this notable presidential inauguration.

Meet President Jillian Crane
President of First Responders Children's Foundation

Kids thank First Responders for keeping us safe

Alan Jackson and Caylee Hammack honor first responders with the song “Lord I Hope This Day Is Good”

First Responders Children’s Foundation worked closely with Universal Music Group Nashville to integrate this timely rendition of the classic Don Williams song “Lord, I Hope This Day is Good” by Caylee Hammack and Alan Jackson with vivid images of hardworking first responder heroes — firefighters, police officers, paramedics, EMTs, doctors, nurses, coast guard, 911 dispatchers — who faithfully answer the call to every emergency. The jobs they do are physically tough, mentally and emotionally demanding, yet no matter what, every day they selflessly put the lives of others before their own.

During the pandemic our nation’s first responders recorded messages of inspiration, hope and encouragement from the frontline

Officer Nae Nae is a favorite with kids

New York City Firefighter James Boylan reminds us not to take tomorrow for granted

FDNY Deputy Chief James Boylan on being a firefighter for the Fire Department of New York City, the friends he’s lost and the hero who inspired him to follow his dreams of coming to the rescue for others. Do you want to help First Responders Children’s Foundation provide scholarships to children whose first responder parents make the ultimate sacrifice?

Deputy Brian Woodward encourages us to stay safe

Medical worker Cessalea Moore thanks First Responders Children’s Foundation for helping her family make it through the worst part of the pandemic

Assigned to work a Covid-floor when the pandemic hit, Ohio medical worker Cessalea Moore was forced to quit the patient care assistant job she loved in order to keep her kids and her patients safe from the deadly virus. Facing eviction, with dwindling savings, her phone was about to be cut off, and her car was about to get repoed when a grant from First Responders Children’s Foundation saved the day.

Ryan Seacrest reminds us that when we call 9-1-1, first responders show up